Private Pilot Training

Learn about our single engine private pilot course

Becoming a private pilot enables you to fly wherever you want to go at your own pace. No more flight delays, baggage limits, waiting in lines, security checks … whether you decide to rent or purchase your own aircraft, a pilot license is a valuable asset that will let you fly a private aircraft to your next business or vacation destination.

At The Flight academy-Van nuys we are committed to providing the highest standards in flight training. Our philosophy is training to maximum proficiency, not minimum standards. We pride ourselves on providing the most well-maintained aircraft and most professional instructors in the industry. None of our instructors are instructing to “get the hours”. Our CFI’s teach for the love of teaching and passing on the knowledge, nothing rewards us more than to see new students following their passion and succeeding.
Takeoff on one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime, join the ranks and become a pilot with the Flight Acadamy at Van nuys airport.

Private pilot requirements:

  • At least 17 years of age
  • Be able to speak, read, write and understand the english language
  • TSA Background check if not a US citizen
  • Third class medical certificate

That’s it, if you meet these four requirements you can start training immediately with us and start working towards meeting your knowledge and aeronautical experience. we offer various study schedules and the student can customize his own schedule at his own pace. Call for more info

Estimated Cost of Training based on our preffered rate (minimum FAA aeronautical experience Requirements)

Students who need more flight or intruction time before taking their checkride can pay as they go according to our following rates

Training Rates

* Prepay for 10 hours and get our preffered rate of $130/hour

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