Aviation Consulting

After years of experience as Buyer, Seller, and Agent, The Flight Academy brings broad market knowledge to recommendations. Aircraft vary widely in configuration and in quality of maintenance. The Flight Academy will help you find the best deal on the aircraft that fits your mission, however helping you identify and avoid the many technical and procedural pitfalls often hidden from Buyers is our greatest satisfaction.

Our Process

  1. Analyze your flight mission requirements and pilot experience level to help you decide on an aircraft type and model
  2. Search the market for potential aircraft and contact owners and gather more details
  3. search damage history of aircraft and test fly potential aircraft
  4. order a title search
  5. arrange a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified mechanic
  6. Negotiate a sales price
  7. Arrange financing if applicable
  8. completing all purchase and registration paperwork
  9. Arrange delivery of your new aircraft

We also offer training incentives for new aircraft purchases through our aviation consulting services, call us now for more info

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